Why register on RoboEquity?

Do you want to make extra income from services related to your profession? RoboEquity makes it easy for you to earn money by letting you do what you like in your spare time.

You’re in control

With RoboEquity, you are in full control. You can set what services you want to provide and do it when your schedule permits.

We’re there at every step

RoboEquity offers tools, tips and support to help you make the most of the time you dedicate.

1.Create your account

Creating an account on RoboEquity as a Service Provider is free. Click on 'Service Provider' - select your profession, then choose the services you would like to provide, select the geographic location and lastly, add some details about you. We can recommend competitive rates, but what you charge is always up to you.


2.Provide the agreed service

When there is a request you will receive a job assignment that your can reject or accept. Then in a couple of days, at your ease you can do the service and fill the data in the online form.

3.Get paid

RoboEquity's secure payment system never lets you deal with money directly. Users are charged upfront when they place an order, and you get paid automatically after you submit the report. A service fee of 5% is applicable. Payment can be done via Paypal or Direct Bank deposit.


Ease of mind

We guarantee that you will get paid for every job done. Only make sure to submit the report. In case you want to cancel, do it in the beginning. We belive in making lasting relationships based on trust.

We are builting trust

All RoboEquity's users must use a valid credit card and verify their email. Service Providers are required to submit government issued IDs. Users can publish their reviews, in a respectable way, after they receive the report and acknowledge the Service Providers.

No commitments

You can do as many assignment as you want. If you don't have time, you can just decline any proposals you might receive.

Frequent asked questions

You can become a Service Provider on RoboEquity if you are a real estate Agent, Civil Engineer, Lawyer and Analyst. It's free.
RoboEquity verifies users and Service Providers to make the transaction safe. It includes verifying credit card, phone number, and email address.
All payments are processed securely through RoboEquity's online payment system. Users are charged when they request a service. Service Providers get paid 24 hours after the completion of their service. Payment can be availed through Paypal or Direct Deposit.
What you charge is always up to you, but we do provide tips to help make your space more competitive. When you offer a service on RoboEquity, we suggest a price for your it based on your availability and your ability to do it efficiently. You can set rates for different type and size of assignments.

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